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Patient portals are healthcare-related online applications that allow patients (or parents in the case of a pediatric practice) to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers. Since we use electronic medical records it is possible for patients/parents to view key elements of their medical information online. Currently you may access any immunization records we have on file for your children, their measurements and growth charts, school notes, their problem list, and any current medications they are taking. We can also share lab results, x ray results, and referral information as appropriate for each child. As we gain more experience with this new service we will make changes as needed to improve the service to meet the needs of our patients.

You can send emails to selected staff and doctors through the patient portal. This is a good way to request prescription refills. We will respond to you through the patient portal. You will receive an email when we communicate back to you and must log in to the patient portal to see the response. This way we ensure that all your communication with us remains confidential.

To be able to log into Patient Portal we must have a valid email which is listed in each child's chart and in the responsible party's information. These emails must match in order to have access to all the information. You must know the responsible party's account number to be able to create an account. We can provide this for you. You then can go to the Patient Portal site, create a password, and have access to the records.
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We currently have some types of flu vaccine in stock. We are offering a new service this year: we will give flu shots to adult family members for $25.00. Call the office, (909) 629-5067, option 3 to schedule your appointment and to inquire as the the types of vaccines we have available.
Flu Vaccine is Available
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